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“My Wonderful Curls” is a picture book encouraging boys and girls to embrace their curly hair. Inspired by their sons’ curly hair, as well as their own, Lacey and Tristan hope to encourage others to love their curly hair and understand that it’s okay to be uniquely you. In the back of the book, you will find a few of Lacey and Tristan’s favorite tips that they have found helpful in their curly hair journeys. This is a great book to use to promote self-esteem, acceptance, and confidence.

Encouraging curl love and acceptance


Curl care tips


This is such a phenomenal book that will have your child falling in love with their curls!! This story is so wonderfully written! The rhyming flows beautifully and the illustrations are absolutely amazing! This book will teach children to embrace their curls and be proud of the shade and texture of their hair. This book also shows different curly styles and teaches children how to care for their curls. This is a fantastic book and I highly recommend you add this to your child’s collection!!❤️

33 ratings

Customer Reviews


I wish I would have read a book like this when I was a kid who didn’t appreciate having curly hair! It is beautifully written with a great message! It even helps me now as an adult to finally appreciate my curly hair!


Wish I could give this more stars. You rarely see a book like this with characters of various backgrounds, situations, and hair types. I love that this book encourages everyone to love the type of hair they have. Not all curls are all the same and that's OK! This colorful rhythmic book is definitely a must read. Great illustrations paired with a wonderful story.

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