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I Am Me” is a fun and rhythmic story encouraging children to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate everyone’s differences. This book is filled with powerful affirmations and beautiful illustrations, with hopes of helping as many children as possible see themselves reflected in the pages.


Diverse Representation

Vibrant Illustrations

Author Natalie

I Am Me is a wonderful book that can be enjoyed by children and adults of all backgrounds. The book supports early reading (as it includes rhyming), diversity, and inclusivity. As a teacher, I recommend fellow educators to read this book on the first day of school. I highly recommend this book.

191 ratings

Customer Reviews


I have 3 daughters. One of them has special needs, in a wheelchair. This book in its entirety made me cry happy tears and just emotional ones all around. Everyone should have this book. Love it so much!


This book uses powerful words and illustrations to show how each child is unique and special. While the book is purposeful in showing diversity, the message told is inclusive to all children. Each page is a conversation starter! I believe that each child will be able to find themselves and people they know in the pages. What a great story to share!

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